B.Hooked TV Episode 29: Knit and Crochet in the Same Project

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In this episode…

In this episode of B.Hooked TV you’ll see how to transition from your crochet hook to a knitting needle and knitting needle to a crochet hook – in the same project!

Crocheting and knitting in the same project is a great way to shake up your routine.

It’s also a great way to incorporate the best of both worlds into a single project. Not a lot of people are doing it, so it’s a great way to create something unique. It’s not without its quirks, however. Because the two crafts are quite different, these differences need to be addressed when you’re planning your project.

  • Crochet stitches are often thicker than knit stitches which may effect the drape of the project.
  • Crochet stitches typically use more yarn than knitting so you’ll need to factor that in when buying yarn.

Making a swatch first is a great way to see how the stitches work together and what drape is created. We think it’s totally worth the extra effort!

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Supplies used in this episode

Hook | Furls Odyssey Rose Gold + White – No longer available

Yarn | Lion Brand ZZ Twist Yarn – Has been discontinued

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What is B.Hooked TV?

Some topics are best explained one-on-one. Since Brittany can’t be right there with you, B.Hooked TV is the next best thing. You’ll find helpful tips for improving your crochet and knitting skills in a relaxed and conversational way. It’s not your everyday tutorial but we try to keep them fun, interesting and educational.

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