Cotton Knit Hand Towel

A perfect spring/summer knit project to sink your needles into.

Skill Level | Intermediate
Finished Size | 25″ long; 15″ wide

Use it in your bathroom or kitchen, or make one for each if you can’t decide! This hand towel has great texture that’s soft on the hands and absorbs water really well.

If you’re looking for an easy project to learn a new stitch, this is a great project to start! Our cotton hand knit towel uses the single color brioche stitch for a soft and squishy texture that’s easy on the hands.

With this project you’ll get lots of practice with the brioche stitch worked in a single color. This unique stitch pattern creates a thick yet super stretchy fabric that’s great for all sorts of projects. We’ll use a soft cotton that’s both easy to work with and easy to care for.

Before you begin, review this page entirely so you understand the full scope of the project. We have a list of recommended supplies and abbreviations here on this page as well as written instructions and a tutorial to walk you through our cotton knit hand towel step-by-step.

  • Approx 392 yds; Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend
  • US 7 Knitting Needles
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

  • BRK Brioche Knit**
  • K Knit
  • Prev Previous
  • Rep Repeat
  • Sl1p Slip One Purlwise
  • St(s) Stitch(es)
  • YO Yarn Over

** BRK: Knit designated stitch together with its corresponding yarn over from prev row.

Finished Size

25″ long;
15″ wide


19 sts x 22 rows = 4″
worked in stitch pattern

Additional Notes: The brioche stitch is different than other stitches so if you find yourself struggling with it, make a swatch to practice first. It’ll get easier with practice!

Need to Print this Pattern?

You’ll find the full pattern for free here on this page. However, if you’d like a PDF version of this pattern to print or save for offline use, you can purchase it from our PDF shop.

CO 71 sts.

Row 1: K. *YO, Sl1p, k. Rep from * to end of row.

Row 2: K. *BRK, YO, Sl1p. Rep from * to last st. K last st.

Row 3: K. *YO, Sl1p, BRK. Rep from * to last st. K last st.Repeat: Rep last 2 rows until work measures approximately 24” from starting edge OR until you have about 2 yds of yarn remaining, ending on a 2nd row.

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