Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook Review

crochet hook review

Furls Odyssey

Furls Odyssey hooks are sometimes called the “Cadillac” of crochet hooks, but are they right for you?

While Furls has a great collection of color options available in their Odyssey line, the rose gold + white Odyssey hooks you’ve seen in B.Hooked tutorials are no longer listed on their website. Don’t let that deter you, though. I’m certain you’ll be able to find a color you love.

Rose Gold + White Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook

A little disclosure before we get started. This post is NOT sponsored by Furls Crochet. They did not pay me to write this review nor did they ask me to write this review. They did, however, send these hooks to me a couple years ago free of charge but not in exchange for sharing my opinion of them.

It’s probably not a stretch to assume you’re considering one of these hooks for yourself if you’re here. Let’s start off with the short version of Odyssey hook features before I share my personal experience using them for about two years consistently.

Furls Odyssey Hooks have a nickel-plated pewter neck and a body that’s painted with “luxurious” automotive paint giving the handle a smooth, pearlescent finish. Furls takes pride in the ergonomic construction and there are eighty 5 star reviews on their website to back them up. They claim the balance of the hook’s construction “will have you cruising through your projects” and many claim to have had improved tension and speed after making the switch to an Odyssey hook.

They’re available in 15 sizes ranging from 2.25 mm to a 10 mm in 14 different color options and each one can be yours for the price of $36. Out of 85 reviews on the Furls Crochet website, the Odyssey hook gets a 4.9 – and if you’re considering dropping the money on these hooks, you’ll want to have a look at those reviews along with this one. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll find all 85 of those reviews from real users of Furls Odyssey hooks.

I realize I’m just one voice of many but I have a somewhat unique perspective – I crochet full time. I use my crochet hooks the same way you might use your computer at work. They’re used for hours a day (not always in the best of conditions) and if they aren’t perfectly right for my hands and crochet style, I’m less efficient at my job. For reference, I hold my crochet hook in the “knife grip” style with my fingers gripping over the handle pointing downward. As the name implies, I hold my hooks the way I hold a dinner knife.

What I Love About Them

These are without a doubt, the most beautiful hooks in my collection. They’re seemingly essential for that Instagram-worthy photo (if you’re into that sort of thing). But a good hook has to do more than just look good.

I waited two long years before posting this review. At this price point, I had to really make sure they stood up to the many projects and everyday life I threw at them in order to make sure that they’re more than just Instagram props.

They stood up to professional crochet use.

I crochet way more than the average person, and if you’re like me you’ve probably used a really cheap hook before. The handles wear quickly. They can drag on the yarn. The weight balance is off. And they’re just not pleasurable to work with all the time.

With the Furls Odyssey, you don’t have to worry about this. Even after two years I still find them as great as they were when they first arrived. Expect that when you’re paying for something with this quality, you’re going to have a product that lasts.

The handle is as comfortable as they say it is.

Furls put a lot of research into the shape and handle size of their hooks. If you don’t believe me, just listen to this episode of The BHooked Podcast where I interviewed the Founder, Harrison Richards. It shows too. Grasping a handle that’s too skinny might not seem like an issue at first but when you hold that position for hours while you binge your favorite show and knock out some progress on your WIP, your hand will start to feel crampy.

Harrison says the size of the handle is exactly the size needed to grasp with the thumb and first finger and not cause any cramping. I worked dozens of projects with these hooks and I can say from experience, I had no issues with hand cramping from holding on to the hook.

If you suffer from arthritis in your hands, the size of this handle may be exactly what you need to hold onto it comfortably for hours.

Their customer support is top notch.

Before the gold plated hooks were removed from their website, the rose gold + white and red + gold hooks would set you back $64 each. The current variety has the same pearlescent handle in a variety of colors with a nickel plated crochet tip. Each one costs $36. That’s on the high end of what one might expect to pay for a single crochet hook.

When you pay that much for a hook (or hooks), it’s an investment compared to what we’re used to paying for hooks. You need to know Furls will back their products if something goes wrong. Furls promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed for 90 days or your money back, which is honestly something I’d expect for an item of this quality.

Funny enough, I had a chance to test this first hand….

The hook fell in the space between my thigh and the chair cushion. I was effectively sitting on it but didn’t know it. When I stood up I was mortified to find the hook tip bent. Now this was at no fault of the hook or Furls but they still sent me a replacement. I don’t recommend sitting on your crochet hooks, but that’s customer service that honestly exceeded my expectations.

The nickel plated crochet tip is smooth to work with.

In addition to the rose gold + white Odyssey hooks, I also have a nickel + black Odyssey. That’s the same nickel plating you’ll find in their current line up. They say “the nickel-plated pewter neck is chrome smooth, making for easy stitches and great crocheting speed”.

I’d say if you’re already comfortable working with metal or metal alloy hooks, you’ll feel right at home with these. They’re smooth as you’d expect and the yarn glides easily as you work with it. Had I switched to the Odyssey from a wooden or plastic hook, I would absolutely feel the difference in smoothness and speed. But coming from another metal alloy hook, it felt consistent with what I would expect. As for the shape, this is what you’d call a tapered hook and not an inline hook.

Things to Consider

At this point you’ve realized how much these hooks cost. Without even considering the hook and how it might feel as you crochet with it, right away the price will mean they’re not for everybody. It’s true there are many people who absolutely adore their Furls Odyssey, but many people will never experience them solely because of the price. That being said, as a user, I understand the value of them.

After using them consistently for quite some time, here are a few things to consider…

They’re heavier the hooks you’re already used to.

The average weight of a single Odyssey crochet hook is 1.3 oz, more than double what a Tulip Etimo crochet hook weighs (0.5 oz). The difference there is noticeable and you’ll feel it when you hold it for the first time. Now is that too heavy to crochet with? Nah, not really. But it’s something to think about.

The nickel-plated pewter half of the hook is heavier than the handle which is an interesting dynamic when you crochet with it. The extra weight at the top works to drop it into position if that makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if that contributes to the boost in speed some people see as a result of using these hooks. I find that just releasing my pinkie from the grip will drop the tip down toward my project, which means less wrist movement for me. Less wrist movement means more crochet time.

So, while they’re heavier and they feel different you may enjoy this.

The hook tip is deeper than some crochet hooks.

If you’re used to working with Tulip Etimo or Clover Amour crochet hooks, you’ll notice a difference if you switch to an Odyssey. The “throat” of the crochet tip is deeper than both of these hooks which means it hooks onto the yarn a little better. It’s not a bad thing, but you may notice that the hook “clings” to the stitches. It took about a full project for my muscle memory to adjust to this little change. Again, not a bad thing but definitely worth considering, especially if you have trouble keeping the yarn on the hook.

I personally didn’t notice an improvement in tension or speed.

I’ve been crocheting full time for several years now so take this one with a grain of salt. Furls, as well as many of the happy Odyssey hookers out there, have said these hooks improved tension and speed. I, however, didn’t notice a difference in either of these areas, but this is more than likely due to the fact that I’ve been crocheting so long; my tension and speed are already pretty consistent.

From what I’ve heard, these hooks can really improve the consistency of your tension if you struggle a bit in this area. But I can’t speak to this from personal experience. Just have a look at the 50+ reviews on Furls website. You’ll likely find a reviewer like you who can speak to personal experience.

the bottom line

Is Furls Odyssey the Right Hook For You?

I’ve always thought the perfect hook for someone is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, my perfect hook may not be your perfect hook. I’m beyond thrilled to have these hooks, and I’m grateful I have the opportunity to use them. But I still use other hooks as well.

That being said, it’s more important to figure out if these hooks will be your perfect hook (because they very well could be). Since fondness of a hook is different for everyone, my best advice would be to get yourself one Odyssey hook. Work at least one entire project with it (two would be better) and see how you feel.

Especially consider the Furls Odyssey if…
  • You have trouble keeping the yarn on your hook
  • You have hand cramping after long crochet sessions
  • You feel like your tension is inconsistent or speed isn’t as great as you’d like it to be
  • You have a preference for tapered crochet hooks
  • You’re a crochet enthusiast who appreciate superb craftsmanship

How to Buy Them

The best way to buy a Furls Odyssey crochet hook is to order them directly from Furls Crochet. That way you’re backed by the 90 day satisfaction guarantee, and you can reach out to them if you have any trouble with them. As I’m writing this review, there are 14 different handle colors to choose from, all with a nickel hook.

Browse Odyssey Hooks Here

That link will take you directly to the Furls Crochet website, no strings attached. That’s not an affiliate link. I won’t be compensated or rewarded in any way if you use that link.

My motivation is purely to help you find the right hook for you, because honestly, that can be the difference between you loving to crochet or hating it. Again, the perfect hook is in the eye of the beholder.

One last thing I will say about my experience with Furls Crochet… the folks there have always been positive, helpful and accommodating. If you’re addicted to the craft like I am and you appreciate the beauty and quality of your tools as much as your yarn, Furls Odyssey crochet hooks will definitely check that box for you.

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