Lantern Moon Tunisian Crochet Hook Review

crochet hook review

Lantern Moon Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Lantern Moon was reestablished in 2021 under the loving care of Knitter’s Pride, now designed, sourced, and manufactured in India. The collection celebrates personal luxury through the nuances of purity and textures that delights the senses.

The Lantern Moon collection offers a wide range of beautifully handcrafted hooks and needles for those who love to crochet and knit, but are they right for you?

Rose Gold + White Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook

A little disclosure before we get started. This post is NOT sponsored by Lantern Moon. They did not pay me to write this review. They did, however, send these hooks free of charge in exchange for sharing my honest opinion of them.

If you’re in the market for a new set of Tunisian crochet hooks there’s a good chance you won’t have to look any further. But before we get to my personal opinion after a few weeks of consistent use, let’s start off with the short version of features Lantern Moon Tunisian Hooks bring to the table.

Each Lantern Moon Tunisian hook is made of ebony, one of the world’s most precious and valuable woods. They have a liquid silk finish that ensures a snag free glide and crochet experience. The meticulous finish on the hook ensures easy maneuverability, and the connecting join between the cord and hook is snug and smooth so your stitches won’t snag.

They’re available in a range of standard sizes from 3.5 mm to 10 mm to buy individually or you can pick up the Bequest Set which includes six hooks in some of the most commonly used sizes (4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm and 8mm). This set also comes with two cords, two end caps, and a tightening tool for getting them set up for use. Plus you’ll get a cloth case to keep it all organized.

These hooks are wonderful to work with. I realize I’m just one opinion of many, but I have a unique perspective – I crochet full time. I use my hooks for hours and hours a day, and if they aren’t perfectly right for me and my crochet style, I’m less efficient at my job.

What I Love About Them

The craftsmanship really shows with these hooks. When you hold it in your hand for the first time you’ll immediately notice how smooth and lightweight it is, but you’ll also notice the quality from the gold cord tip (which Lantern Moon mentions is 24K plated) to the quality of the size stamp.

I didn’t have to spend much time with these hooks to realize how much I enjoy them, but like all other reviews here at B.Hooked, I properly vetted them with a few projects before putting this review together. Here are some of the things that really stood out to me.

They’re smooth as butter to work with.

This was a big deal for me. Wooden hooks are known for having more “drag” than a metal or plastic hook, which means the yarn typically doesn’t glide over them as easily. That wasn’t my experience at all with these hooks, and actually, they’re the smoothest wooden hooks I’ve ever used. I can hardly tell I’m crocheting with wooden hook.

So if you’re like me and normally shy away from wooden hooks, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how smooth they are. Lantern Moon says they have a “liquid silk” finish, and I honestly have to agree.

Interchangeable hooks are versatile no matter what projects you like to crochet.

Tunisian crochet is different from regular crochet since it requires you to have every stitch on the hook at once. You have to have a hook that’s as long as the project is wide. These hooks are “interchangeable” which means with a single hook and a few cord lengths, you have every hook length you could possibly need, when you need it. Most non-interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks are just 12-14″ long, which means crocheting a blanket with them is nearly impossible. With an interchangeable hook, however, you can crochet a variety of project sizes with the same hook just by changing the cord.

Investing in an interchangeable set like this will usually get you the best bang for your buck. Rather than collect non-interchangeable hooks of all sizes and lengths (which will still leave out big projects), one interchangeable set allows you to change the length of the hook with the cord.

The cord is amazing.

Speaking of cords, Lantern Moon cords are absolutely amazing. In fact, they’re easily the best cords I’ve ever used. So what makes a cord amazing? Well, if you’ve ever used a bad cord you know exactly what I’m talking about. Some cords are stiff and refuse to straighten, which is a total nuisance to work with.

Lantern Moon cords are made of nylon-coated stainless steel which adds a little weight. So when you unwind it to use, it’ll maintain the slightest curve and that’s it. Unlike any cord I’ve worked with in the past, Tunisian crochet or knitting needles, these cords stay relaxed and don’t twist as you’re working with them.

The cord connection has a smooth transition.

With the all the forward and return passes in a Tunisian crochet project, there’s nothing more annoying than stitches snagging on the cord connection. As long as you tighten them down completely (which is easy with the tightening tool they provide), you won’t experience snagging with Lantern Moon Tunisian crochet hooks.

The hook shape is excellent for Tunisian crochet.

Stitch motions are a little different for Tunisian crochet than regular crochet. A needle tip that’s a little pointier (to slide through the loop you want), and a hook that’s a little deeper (to keep the stitch in place with the “pulling back” motions of the hook) really makes a big difference to your crochet experience.

I have a few Tunisian crochet hooks that are just longer versions of my regular crochet hooks, with the same hook shape, and I really had no issues with them. It wasn’t until I tried a hook like this that I realized this shape can lead to faster, more efficient stitching. Needless to say, the shape of Lantern Moon Tunisian crochet hooks is exactly what I look for in a Tunisian crochet hook nowadays.

They’re lightweight.

You may not learn to value a lightweight Tunisian crochet hook until you’re stitching a blanket and holding the entire weight of the project on the hook at once. With Lantern Moon Tunisian crochet hooks, the hook, cord and end cap are all lightweight which proved very useful for big projects.

Things to Consider

As with all purchases of this size, you want to make sure you’re investing in the right tool for you. Here are a few things to consider before deciding to invest in this hook set.

Wooden hooks are more delicate than metal or plastic hooks.

Owning wooden hooks means you need to be a little more diligent with their safe keeping. Although the 8mm and 10mm hooks in this collection feel quite sturdy, some of the smaller sizes aren’t, as you’d imagine. I haven’t personally broke one these hooks or had any issues with their durability, but it’s certainly something to consider.

Allowing them to slip between the couch cushions or letting it drop on the floor could lead to their unfortunate demise if they’re sat on or stepped on.

The set includes only the most common sizes.

Although the set includes the most common hook sizes, and will cover you for most projects, only 6 out of the 12 available sizes are included. This isn’t a big deal, but I’d love to see a set option added to the collection which includes all 12 hook sizes. You can, however, buy the other sizes on an individual basis to complete your collection.

Cords are sold separately if you buy individual hooks.

Although the interchangeable set comes with two cord sizes which that’ll cover you for most Tunisian crochet projects, if you’d rather try a hook before you buy the set, you’ll have to buy the cord as well. The good thing, however, is that the end caps and a tightening tool are included with cord purchases, and in some cases, even two cords are provided.

Speaking of the tightening tool, this one is easier to hold and use than any tightening tool I’ve ever used. It has a nice, long wooden handle that makes it feel sturdy.

the bottom line

Is Lantern Moon the Right Tunisian Crochet Hook For You?

I’ve always thought the perfect hook for someone is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, my perfect hook may not be your perfect hook. That being said, these are the Tunisian crochet hooks I plan to use on a regular basis moving forward.

Since fondness of a hook is different for everyone, my best advice would be to get yourself one Lantern Moon Tunisian crochet hook (preferably a size that isn’t included in the set so you won’t have a duplicate if you decide to get the set later). Work at least one entire project with it (two would be better) and see how you feel. If you love working with it, maybe then you can decide if investing in a set is the right option for you.

Especially consider Lantern Moon if…
  • You’re looking for a Tunisian crochet hook that’s light and easy to use
  • You’re fed up with fussy cords
  • You appreciate excellent craftmanship
  • You want a set of interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks

How to Buy Them

If you decide to give Lantern Moon Tunisian crochet hooks a try, there are a few different options for buying them online. First, I’d recommend checking out all the details Lantern Moon offers about these hooks on their website here. One option is WEBS, and they have the Bequest Tunisian Hook Set available here. That link will take you directly to the set page where you can check it out, read other customer reviews, and add it to your shopping cart.

Another option is Jimmy Beans Wool, and they have the Bequest Tunisian Hook Set available here. Again, that link will take you directly to the page on their website where you can see the set.

However, both of these online retailers appear to have the full set only, and no individual hooks (at least as I’m typing this). If you want to order a single hook to try, or if you want to build out your collection after getting the set, you’ll have to use Amazon. I’m linking several options to get you started.

 Please not that as an Amazon Associate (and at no additional cost to you) I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you use the links above. Please understand I have experience with these products & recommend them because I myself, enjoy using them, not because of the commission I make as a result of you buying them. Using these links is not required but is a big support!

Like all the reviews on this website, my motivation is purely to help you find the right hook for you, because that can be the difference between you loving to crochet or hating it. I’ve tried just about every crochet hook on the market, and I want nothing more than to save you the time and money that’s involved in making the right decision for you.

One last thing I will say about my experience with Lantern Moon … I’m quite fond of these hooks, and that fondness has led me to explore their knitting needle collection as well. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to provide a review on those as well.

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