Knitter’s Pride Day & Nite Gift Set Review

knitting needle review

Day & Nite Gift Set

Knitting without contrast between the yarn and needles, especially in low light, can be a real challenge.

Knitter’s Pride Day & Nite Interchangeable needles are perfect for any knitter this holiday season because they provide the right amount of contrast for knitting with any color of yarn.

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A little disclosure before we get started. This post is NOT sponsored by Knitter’s Pride. They did not pay me to write this review nor did they ask me to write this review. They did, however, send this gift set to me, free of charge, but not in exchange for sharing my opinion.

If you’re on the hunt for a perfect gift for the knitter in your life, there’s a good chance you won’t have to look any further. But before we get to my personal and professional opinion after a few weeks of consistent use, let’s start off with the list of features the Day & Nite Gift Set has to offer.

The Day & Nite Set offers a unique needle that combines contrasting black and natural wooden tones to provide the right background for all yarns. So when knitting with a dark yarn, a quick swivel and the dark yarn is resting on the natural half of the needle, providing the right amount of contrast to see the stitches clearly.

Each set includes 8 pairs of needles ranging from US 4 to US 11, which will cover yarns and projects of many varieties. It also includes four stainless steel cables, a set of cable connectors, four end caps, two locking keys, and four bonus wooden buttons with the same beautiful finish as the needles. All of this is stored in the case for instant organization and portability.

I realize I’m just one voice of many but I have a somewhat unique perspective – I knit full time, for a living. I use my needles the same way you might use your computer at work. They’re used for hours a day (not always in the best of conditions) and if they aren’t perfectly right for my hands and knitting style, I’m less efficient at my job. For reference, I have a what you call a “flick” knitting style, which means I hold the yarn in my dominant hand, and toss the yarn over the needle as I work. Generally speaking, knitting style has no relevance to needle selection, but I want you to have all the details when making this decision.

What I Love About Them

These are without a doubt, the most beautiful knitting needles in my collection. They’re seemingly essential for that Instagram-worthy photo (if you’re into that sort of thing). But a good needle has to do more than just look good.

The craftsmanship and quality really shows with this set. When you hold them in your hand for the first time, you immediately notice how smooth and lightweight they are. I didn’t have to spend much time with them before realizing how much I enjoy them, but like all other reviews here at B.Hooked, I properly vetted them with a few projects before putting this review together. Here are some of the things that really stood out to me.

The cord is amazing.

The cords included with this set are absolutely amazing. They’re easily the best cords I’ve ever used. So what makes a cord amazing? Well, if you’ve ever used a bad cord you know exactly what I’m talking about. Some cords are stiff and refuse to straighten, which is a total nuisance to work with.

Day & Nite cords are made of nylon-coated stainless steel which adds a little weight. So when you unwind to use, it’ll maintain the slightest curve and that’s it. Unlike any knitting needle cord I’ve worked with in the past, these cords stay relaxed and don’t twist as you’re working with them. That alone makes me want to use these needles and no other.

Something else worth noting about the cords is that the cord will swivel 360 degrees so you can easily twist the needle from one color to the other without unscrewing the cord.

They’re smooth and comfortable to knit with.

If wooden needles are your preference, you’ll fee right at home with the Day & Nite needles. The finish is soft and smooth to the touch, and they have just the right amount of drag on the yarn.

I also found that they are the perfect length for knitting a variety of projects, and the needle tip is smooth and round for extra comfortable knitting.

The case is beautiful and the quality really shows.

From the beautiful artwork on the front of the to the velvet lining inside, when I opened this set for the first time I truly felt like a kid on Christmas morning. There is ample room under the needle sleeve to store the velvet cord case and any other knitting accessories you want to have with you…scissors, stitch markers, cable needles…it’ll all fit.

The cord connection has a smooth transition.

There’s nothing more annoying than a stitch snagging on the cord connection over and over through thousands of stitches. I can speak to this from experience! The good news is you’re not likely to run across that with this set as long as you tighten them down completely. I had no issues whatsoever with my stitches snagging on the connection.

The color provided the right background for any yarn I used.

You may not realize how important the background is, and the contrast between the yarn and needle, until you try these needles. That was certainly the case for me. I knit with black, navy and dark gray yarn all the time and it’s a real challenge in low light. Using the natural side of the needle, I found the contrast really did help me to see the stitches more clearly.

If you typically knit in low light or you regularly have difficulty seeing your stitches, I think these needles will help.

The accessories are a nice touch, especially for a gift set.

When you buy an interchangeable set you expect things like cords and keys to be included. But Day & Nite went a step above including a velvet zipper pouch, and what a wonderful little surprise it was to receive four buttons in the same wooden colors as the needles. These will look adorable on a hat or headband.

Things to Consider

With a purchase this size, you want to make sure you’re investing in the right tool for you. Here are a few things to consider before deciding to invest in this set.

The set doesn’t include a 16″ cord.

This set includes one 24″ cord, two 32″ cords, and one 40″ cord. That will cover you for nearly every single project from scarves, and blankets to garments and everything in between. However, if you love knitting hats on 16″ circulars you won’t have the cord you need in this set.

That’s not a complete deal breaker though, you can easily knit hats with longer cords using the magic loop method, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Some of the cord connections were a little hard to tighten.

There were at least two needles in my set that I had to crank on a little harder than the others for the cord to completely tighten. It wasn’t impossible, especially with the keys included, and it could have been a fluke. But since it happened with more than one needle I figured it was worth mentioning.

Wooden needles are more delicate than metal or plastic needles.

Owning wooden needles means you need to be a little more diligent with their safekeeping. Although the largest size in this set feels quite sturdy, some of the smaller sizes aren’t as you’d imagine. I haven’t personally broke one of these needles or had any issues with their durability, but it’s something worth considering.

Allowing them to slip between the couch cushions or fall on the floor could lead to their unfortunate demise if they’re sat or stepped on. Fortunately, the case is rigid so this will offer an extra bit of protection.

The needles aren’t sold individually.

Day & Nite is a special gift set offered by Knitter’s Pride, so (at least at the time of publishing this review) the needles aren’t offered for sale individually. While this certainly makes it more convenient for gift-giving, it requires a little more commitment if you want them for yourself.

Fortunately, most online retailers which sell the Day & Nite Gift Set have excellent return policies if you decide they aren’t right for you.

the bottom line

Is Day & Nite the Right Set For You?

I’ve always thought the perfect needle for someone is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, my perfect needle may not be your perfect needle. I’m beyond thrilled to have these needles, and I certainly have enjoyed my time with them so far.

Since fondness of a needle is different for everyone my advice is usually to buy one, try it out and get the set if you love it. However, since this is sold as a set, it’ll require a little more commitment. My best advice would be to dive into every review you can find, and see if they sound like a good match for you (or the person you’re gifting them to). On that note though, as a knitter I would be absolutely THRILLED to receive this gift set.

Especially consider the Day & Nite Gift Set if…
  • You have trouble seeing the stitches when working with certain yarn colors
  • You love working with wooden needles
  • You’re fed up with fussy cords
  • You want a full set of interchangeable needles
  • You’re a knitting enthusiast who appreciates superb craftsmanship in your tools

How to Buy Them

The best way to buy a Day & Nite Gift set is to order them directly from Knitter’s Pride. That way you’re backed by their top notch customer support.

Buy a Set from Knitter’s Pride Here

That link will take you directly to the Knitter’s Pride website, no strings attached. That’s not an affiliate link. I won’t be compensated or rewarded in any way if you use that link.

Like all the reviews on this website, my motivation is purely to help you find the right tools for you. I’ve tried just about every knitting needle on the market, and I want nothing more than to save you the time and money that’s involved in making the right decision for your needs.

One last thing I will say about my experience with Knitter’s Pride… the folks there have always been positive, helpful and accommodating. If you’re addicted to the craft like I am and you appreciate the beauty and quality of your tools as much as your yarn, the Day & Nite set is a real delight.

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