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Free crochet patterns, tutorials, learning guides, stitches, techniques...you'll find it all here
Free knitting patterns, tutorials, learning guides, stitches, techniques...you'll find it all here.

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Yarn does more than just make a pretty thing. We love the process of creating with yarn and something pretty is the result. Let your love of yarn be properly represented in your closet.

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Great for sleeping, lounging, running errands, cleaning house and especially days when you *actually* get to crochet all day.

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what is B.Hooked?

When you’re here, you’re like family. This community exists to inspire you and help you be better at your craft.

Hey there! I’m Brittany, and I strive to be your guide to better crochet and knitting because I believe yarn can do more for you than just make a pretty thing.

I am a passion-driven entrepreneur who built this business with my bare hands (and hooks) because I want you to experience the benefits of crochet and knitting.


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