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This community exists to provide a trusted learning and inspirational ecosystem for knitters and crocheters. We’re honored to help folks of all skill levels make progress toward their goals. Whether you’re a true beginner or you’ve been a fiber artist for years, we’re here for you.

Meet the Woman Who Started It All

Hey everyone! Brittany here, and it’s my goal to be your guide to better crochet and knitting (or both!) because I believe yarn can do more for you than just make a pretty thing.

I graduated college with a biology degree and went to work for a genetic laboratory. I was thriving in my career and loved the opportunity to constantly learn new things.

But it’s not what I was meant to do. In 2017 I said goodbye to my full time job to pursue my dream of building B.Hooked into the thriving community I knew it could be. Now I’m a passion-driven entrepreneur who built this business with my bare hands (and hooks) because I want you to experience the benefits of crochet and knitting too.

More About Brittany

how it all began

A Little Story About a Big Dream

I jokingly told my husband one evening, “I’m going to Hobby Lobby, and I’m coming home with a hobby”. Little did I know that hobby would change my life forever.

Even though I once loved my job, crochet consumed my every thought from that moment on. My dreams were made of granny squares, double crochets and chevrons. I taught myself everything I know today through a little website called YouTube.

It wasn’t long before I started exploring the idea of making my own channel, and sharing my creations anyone who cared to listen. The idea of B.Hooked breathed new life into me.

I wanted nothing more than to teach, inspire and help people find the joy I found with yarn. The more I taught others, the more I learned myself, and the B.Hooked community grew in a way that was thrilling and humbling.

The community here continues to grow, thrive and evolve in ways I never thought possible. In many ways, it’s only just begun.

why we exist


Our mission is to provide the highest quality education and inspiration to crocheters, and knitters around the world so they can make something that makes them happy.


B.Hooked strives to be a trusted learning and inspirational ecosystem that serves crocheters and knitters around the globe. When you’re here, you’re like family. This community exists to inspire you and help you be better at your craft.

Core Values

Learning is a lifelong skill | Crochet and knitting offer an endless supply of skills, stitches and techniques. When you make it a priority to continue learning new ways to work with yarn, you will exist in the “honeymoon” phase of your craft all the time!

Yarn does more than just make pretty things | When we crochet or knit, we feel something. Yarn has the ability to make us feel relaxed, calm, stress-free, confidence, satisfaction and a sense of pride. It brings us together. It creates lasting memories. It makes us completely happy.

When we give, the world gives back | Share this wonderful skill you have or are about to acquire. Give someone the gift of yarn and all the amazing things that come with it.

We’re stronger together | A great quote says “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”. We can learn and grow from one another and together we can create ripples in the world with the gift of yarn.

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