Frequently Asked Questions

I’m brand new to crochet. Where do I start?

We believe you’ll learn best by doing. Check out our beginner crochet guide to get started!

Teach me how to crochet!

I’m brand new to knitting. Where do I start?

Check out our beginner knitting guide to learn how to knit. It’ll walk you through the basics.

Teach me how to knit!

frequently asked questions

About Our Patterns

Can I use your pattern in my class or share with my group?

Absolutely! However, please do not make printed copies of the pattern and redistribute it. Please use the original pattern web page for your presentation.

Can I sell the items I made from your free patterns?

Yes! After all, it’s your hard work invested in finishing the product and you deserve to be compensated for that. When creating your product listings, please reference B.Hooked as the source of the pattern and use your own photography of the product. Do not use the photography from the pattern page. It’s your shop – make it uniquely you!

Can I share your pattern in my round up blog post?

Of course! We’re thrilled you want to share our work with your readers! You may include an unaltered image (with B.Hooked watermark in place) in your post with a direct link back to the pattern here on B.Hooked. No need to get written permission.

Can I translate your work into another language?

We’ve received many offers to translate the patterns and resources on this site into other languages. Because this type of project will require a great deal of time on your part as well as ours, it is not a project we’re going to take on at this time. Please do not publish translations of any of the resources and patterns here without prior written consent.

The pattern doesn’t include the size I need. Is it available in other sizes?

Many of our patterns are graded in different sizes and we do our best to be as inclusive as possible. However, not all of our patterns are available in multiple sizes. We have an ongoing project to update every B.Hooked pattern and making more sizes available is part of that effort. Currently, all available sizes are included in the pattern. If you don’t see a particular size, unfortunately it is not available for the project at that time.

How can I print your patterns?

There are two ways to get downloadable PDF’s of our patterns. Members of our Patreon community have access to PDF patterns as well as ad-free tutorials before they’re published anywhere else. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, learn how to become a B.Hooked Insider here.

Our patterns are also available individually as downloadable PDF’s for sale in our shop. You’ll see a link to buy the PDF on the pattern page or if you’d rather browse, you can see them all here. The PDF will be emailed to you from our eCommerce partner, Spring, immediately after the transaction is complete.

Please do not attempt to print the pattern from the web page. These pages are not formatted for printing and will not turn out as you expect. If you would like a copy in hand, please choose to support B.Hooked by purchasing the PDF we have formatted specifically for print.

I think I found an error in your pattern. Can I tell you about it?

We do everything we can to avoid errors in our patterns but we’re human and sometimes mistakes and typos happen 🙂 We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Please use our contact form to let us know what you found.

Can I use your pattern or videos on my website?

No, you may not reprint or republish any of the content you see on this website or our YouTube channel for personal or professional use without prior written consent from us. All content of this website is copyright of B.Hooked Crochet, LLC. If you would like to share the information you find here with your readers or community, use a link in your post or page that points to the resource or pattern you wish to share. Do not copy and paste any of the information on this site to yours.

frequently asked questions

About Collaborations & Communication

Are you looking for pattern testers?

At this time, we aren’t looking for pattern testers. However, if that changes in the future, we’ll make an announcement on our Instagram page. Follow @bhooked there and watch for a call for pattern testers post. Plus we’ll update this page to reflect the new changes.

Can I interview Brittany for my post?

I’m honored that you would consider me for this! I want to be sure the answers and advice I give are the highest quality, so my participation in an interview is based on current project load. Please use the contact form to make your request, and I’ll let you know if it is something I can take on at this time.

Can I be a guest on The BHooked Podcast?

We’re always looking for new guests to inspire our audience. Our biggest priority is finding guests that will inspire or educate our listeners so we like to collaborate with guests who have something educational or inspirational to share. If this is you, please apply to be a guest and we’ll go from there!

Will Brittany be a guest on my podcast?

I absolutely love podcasts and seriously consider any offer I receive. It’s very important to me that the answers and advice I give are the highest quality, so my participation is based on current project load. Use the contact form to make a request and I’ll do everything I can to make it work!

I’d like to hire Brittany or work with her. Where do I start?

I’m flattered! I love working with others to serve my audience. To see all the ways I work with bloggers, brands and individuals, please fill out the inquiry form to get the process started.

Can I hire Brittany to teach or speak at my event?

It would be an honor to teach or speak at your event. Participation is based on availability as well as relevance to the B.Hooked community. Please fill out the inquiry form to get the process started.

frequently asked questions

About Requests

I’m looking for a specific pattern. Can you help me?

You can find all B.Hooked patterns right here on this website. If you’re looking for a crochet pattern, start here. Or if you’re looking for a knitting pattern, start here. On each of those pages, you’ll be able to filter by project type, yarn brand and weight, skill level and more.

You don’t have a pattern for what I’m looking for. Can I make a request?

Yes, please! We love to hear your requests and do our best to fulfil these requests. If you have an idea for a pattern we haven’t created yet, fill out our contact form to submit your request. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate this request but please know that not all requests will be granted.

I found a pattern I want you to make a tutorial for. Can you help?

Unfortunately, we can’t create a tutorial from another designer’s work. Patterns are intellectual property and creating a tutorial for a non-B.Hooked pattern would be a violation of the designer’s intellectual property. Sometimes we work with other designers and brands to create tutorials. These are projects have been agreed upon by both parties.

Do you take pattern requests?

We’re always looking for the best way to serve you. If you have a pattern or resource request, please use our contact form below to tell us about it. Not all requests can be fulfilled but we’ll do our best!

frequently asked questions

About the Website or Resources

Why am I seeing ads on your pages and in videos?

In order to keep the patterns and resources here free, we use advertisements as a way to earn a monthly income. Just like you have a regular job, B.Hooked is Brittany’s full time job and the money generated through advertisements and affiliates on this website are her living to support her family.

What crochet hook do you recommend?

We truly believe the perfect crochet hook can be different for every person. However, if you’re looking for a place to start, give Tulip Etimo hooks a try. They’re affordable and honestly, our favorite hooks to use.

What knitting needles do you recommend?

As with crochet hooks, the perfect knitting needle can be different for every person. We’ve tried many different knitting needles but Hiya Hiya needles are our favorites.

I just purchased a PDF from your shop. Now how do I get it?

Check your email (including your spam folder). You should receive an email within 10 minutes with the PDF attached. If for some reason you do not receive this email, please reach out to our eCommerce partner, Spring. Their customer service is top notch and they’ll be able to make sure you get what you paid for. They have live chat assistance available Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM (EDT) which can be accessed from the Spring homepage. Or if you’d prefer to email them directly, they can be reached at [email protected]

Can I be a guest writer/designer for B.Hooked?

At this time, we aren’t actively seeking guest writers or designers for B.Hooked. However, if this changes, we’ll make an announcement on our Instagram page. Follow @bhooked there and watch for a call for pattern testers post. Plus we’ll update this page with the new changes.