Whether you’re just learning how to knit or you need a little refresher, bookmark our knit stitch dictionary so you have what you need when you need it. All of the knitting stitches below come with instructions, and a video tutorial to walk you through it.


Not sure where to start?

As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed with the huge variety of stitches to try. So where should you begin? We think it’s a great idea to learn the basic stitches first – knits and purls. Many knitting stitches you see on this page or in your favorite stitch book are just a combination of these basic stitches (with a few exceptions like more unique stitch patterns).

But what if you’re not a beginner. Where do you start? Find a stitch that catches your eye, and find a project that uses it. Knitting stitches are wonderful at sparking project inspiration and we often start there rather than with a particular project idea. Each stitch has its own unique qualities that make it perfect for a particular type of project. Many of the stitches you see on this page have a project for you to dive into after you’ve learned the stitch. Some projects (like blankets) will be great at helping you memorize a knit stitch pattern, but don’t worry if you need to continuously refer to a stitch pattern. We do that too!

Some of Our Favorite Stitch Pattern Books

400 Knitting Stitches

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This is really the only book of knitting stitches you’ll ever need. There are 400 stitches organized into categories like, basic, lace, textured and several more.

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