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B.Hooked Summer Sock Knitting KAL

Welcome to the summer sock knitting KAL! This special event takes place every June so you can learn the useful skill of sock knitting.

Summer Sock Knitting KAL

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About the Event

Since 2020 was our first sock knitting KAL (and because many participants have never knit socks before) this year’s pattern theme is your first knit socks. If you’re comfortable knitting a hat, you can knit these socks!

The 2020 summer sock knitting KAL has concluded, however, you can follow along with our pre-recorded tutorials all year long. By clicking the button below, you’ll be directed to the pattern and tutorials so you can get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the pattern and how can I watch the tutorials?

Each section of the pattern will be made available on this page the date listed on the timeline. You will be able to view the tutorial on this page as well or on the B.Hooked YouTube channel. Just click the “get started” button from the timeline as they are made available each week. We’ll handle it from there.

Do I need to do anything to participate?

Nope, we want this to be as easy as possible. Just make sure you have the supplies you need and check back here on June 6th for the first section of the pattern.

I’m brand new to knitting. Is this a good first project?

This pattern is great for your first pair of knit socks (and we did everything we could to make them beginner-friendly) but socks aren’t the best place to start if you haven’t knit anything before. Try our Easy Knit Hat first to learn the basics and come back to learn how to knit these socks.

I’m not very experienced. Do you think I’ll be able to make them?

If you’re comfortable knitting a hat, we believe you’ll be able to knit these socks. The tutorials will focus less on basic skills like how to knit and how to purl and more on new skills like using the magic loop, specific increases and decreases and sock specific cast on and bind off techniques.

Are we knitting these socks two at a time?

This is an incredibly efficient way to knit socks. However, as many participants are first time sock knitters, we’ll knit them one at a time.

My foot measurements aren’t exactly the same as the pattern. Now what?

Choose the foot circumference and foot length that’s closest to your actual measurement. You may round up or down, whichever you prefer based on how you like your socks to fit.

What yarn is best for knitting socks?

100% wool and wool/nylon blend yarns are best for knitting socks. If you have a wool allergy, a cotton/nylon blend yarn is a great alternative. Unless you prefer to hand wash your socks, choose a yarn that’s machine washer safe.

Why aren’t we using sock weight yarn?

Knitting socks for the first time is much easier with a medium weight yarn. You can see and count the stitches better and they work up faster. The downfall is they may be too thick to wear with some shoes. Traditionally, medium weight yarn socks are best used to wear around the house. We’ll knit socks with sock weight yarn in next year’s KAL!

Can I use an acrylic yarn?

Technically yes, you can knit socks with an acrylic yarn but we don’t recommend it for two reasons. Acrylic yarn has little to no stretch to it (so your socks may not fit comfortably) and it doesn’t “breathe” well (so they may cause your feet to sweat).

Do you recommend a certain brand of yarn?

There are several options, some of which you may already have in your stash. Marly Bird’s Chic Sheep yarn, Bluprint’s Cloudborn Superwash Merino Worsted Twist, LB Collection Hand-dyed Superwash Merino, Patons Classic Wool Worsted and Sugar Bush Bold will all work well with this pattern. If you are a KnitCrate subscriber, several past months yarn options are medium weight wool blends.

I can’t get any of the yarn you suggested. Does that mean I can’t participate?

Not necessarily. Although our suggestions are optimal for knitting socks, that doesn’t mean you can’t use an acrylic or acrylic blend yarn you already have to practice with. Socks you knit from these types of yarns are usually good for “house socks”.

Is it 250 yards per sock?

Believe it or not, 250 yards will be enough for both socks in any of the three sizes!

Can I substitute with a sock weight yarn?

We don’t recommend it. Even if you use the same size needle, your gauge measurement will likely be different (which means they probably won’t fit as they should). Stick to medium weight yarn for this KAL and we’ll dive into sock weight yarn next year.

Can I use a shorter cord than 32″ for magic loop?

Generally speaking, the longer the cord the easier it is to knit magic loop. You can probably get by with a 24″ circular but a 16″ circular won’t be doable. We found the 36″ circular easiest to use.

Can I use double pointed needles instead of magic loop?

Technically yes, but the pattern will not give specific instructions to knit on DPN’s. We believe knitting socks with magic loop is easier for new sock knitters so that’s what we’ll focus on for this year’s KAL.

What if I get stuck? Can I get help?

We want this to be a great learning experience for you so it was our goal to make the pattern, instructions and tutorials easy to follow. But if you get stuck, we’ll do our very best to help if you send an email to [email protected]

How can I connect with others who are also participating?

Instagram users can use and search #bhookedsockKAL to share photos and connect with other KAL participants.

What happens when the KAL is over?

The main goal is for you to complete and enjoy your hand knit socks but we want to sweeten the deal too. We’ll randomly contact one participant (via Instagram messages) who shared at least one photo with #bhookedsockKAL to send them a B.Hooked shop item of their choice.

Will the sock pattern be available after the KAL?

Absolutely. This is a staple sock knitting pattern we want you to be able to use for years to come. When the KAL concludes, the pattern will be available in our regular database of free knitting patterns. Just search for “Women’s Custom Fit Knit Socks”.