Some topics are best explained one-on-one. Since Brittany can’t be right there with you, B.Hooked TV is the next best thing. In in 32-part series you’ll find helpful tips for improving your crochet & knitting skills in a relaxed and conversational way. It’s not your everyday tutorial but we try to keep them fun, interesting and educational.

About the show

A series designed to inspire you & help you grow in your craft.

B.Hooked TV published its first episode in January of 2019 on YouTube. Originally intended as a seasonal show, season 1 & season 2 consist of 16 episodes each, all of which are packed with crochet & knitting tips and tricks. B.Hooked TV is no longer a seasonal show so we combined them here into one bingeable playlist.

Rather watch on YouTube? Watch the full playlist here.