Yarn Weight Conversions

Yarn is broken down into categories by weight. Some countries and regions have different terms for each yarn category. This can be confusing when reading yarn requirements for patterns!

Refer to this chart when reading a pattern with yarn weights given in a different term than you’re used to!

US Term: Lace
UK Term: 1 ply
Australia: 2 ply
US Term: Fingering
UK Term: 2 ply
Australia: 3 ply
US Term: Sock
UK Term: 3 ply
Australia: 3 ply
US Term: Sport
UK Term: 4 ply
Australia: 5 ply
US Term: DK
UK Term: DK
Australia: 8 ply
US Term: Worsted
UK Term: Aran
Australia: 10 ply
US Term: Bulky
UK Term: Chunky
Australia: 12 ply
US Term: Super Bulky
UK Term: Super Chunky
Australia: 14 ply
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